Issue: ‘yum’ does not work properly and reports an error on every single run. Full error message:

Reason: You have outdated alt-libxml2 package which actually

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Issue symptoms

Yum is not working producing following error:

Cause and resolution

Please check following causes:

1. Server time should be correct, could be checked with


2. Server should be able to resolve repo/cln

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To protect packages from CloudLinux repositories from being updated from 3rd party repositories like rpmforge, and to prevent such dependencies issues, do the following: For CloudLinux 5.x

Edit /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/rhnplugin.conf Add:


For CloudLinux 6.x

Edit /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/rhnplugin.conf


For CloudLinux 7.x<br

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When you see Segmentation Fault in different random places it could be caused by bad/broken libz* and libxml2. It usualy happens on DirectAdmin server, when libraries are placed into /usr/local/lib/ directory. To fix: