In LiteSpeed admin interface do the following:

Configuration -> Server -> Edit -> “Enable LVE” = “Yes” -> Save If you are using CageFS then choose cagefs there. To enable PHP Selector with LiteSpeed you have to adjust more settings in Admin:
  1. CloudLinux (Admin Console –> Configuration –> Server –> General): CageFS;
  2. Enable SuExec: Server-> General -> PHP SuEXEC -> Yes;
  3. LSPHP5 external app runs in SUEXEC non-daemon mode ONLY (Run On Start Up –> Yes or No);
  4. In LSPHP5 external app (Admin Console –> Configuration –> Server –> External App –> lsphp5).



See screenshot below:

* In order to use PHP Selector and custom php.ini, lsphp5 needs to be in SuEXEC non-daemon mode.

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Recently Percona has renamed it?s libmysqlclient into /usr/lib64/libperconaserverclient, so our alt-php packages will not find it. To fix the issue you should symlink percona libraries to libmysql the following way:

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In rare cases customer wants to move /opt/alt to different place. To do this:

Move /opt/alt somewhere (mv /opt/alt /var/opt_alt).
Create /opt/alt directory (mkdir /opt/alt).
Bind mount new to old: (mount -o bind /var/opt_alt /opt/alt).
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CentOS Web Panel and it’s features are described on official website:

The installation is straight forward:

During the install it builds Apache and PHP from source.

To make PHP-Selector read more

Getting current PHP for a user:

Change PHP version for user:

Enabling some extensions for a user:

Disable is done in the same way.

List user extensions:
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