Beta product, as of December2014

I had been unhappy with existing ways to serve PHP under Apache for a number of reasons:

  • RUID2 + mod_php is a giant security hole that lets any user to get a root account.
  • MPM ITK is very slow, as it kills processes after each request.
  • suPHP & CGI are both slow, as they start PHP on each request. They are also incompatible with opcode caching.
  • FastCGI creates a lot of stability issues. It is hard to configure due to the way it handles processes, and doesn’t use opcode caching optimally.
  • PHP FPM needs a socket/startup per customer, not that stable with Apache and creates a mess when we tried to integrate it with PHP Selector – as now PHP Selector would have to restart PHP FPM processes.

After a long time research we figured out that what we really want is to serve PHP the way it is served by read more