CloudLinux has support for the following limits:

Limits Units Default Value Description Supported Kernels / OS
SPEED % of a core, or HZ 100% CPU speed limit, relative to a single core, or specified in HZ (portable across CPUs) all
CPU [deprecated] % of  CPU 25% CPU Limit (smallest of CPU & NCPU is used) all
NCPU [deprecated] number of cores 1 CORE Max number of cores (smallest of CPU & NCPU used) all
PMEM KB 1024MB Physical memory limit (RSS field in ps/RES in top). Also includes shared memory and disk cache CL7, CL6, CL5 hybrid kernel, CL5 lve1.x+ kernel
VMEM KB 1024MB Virtual memory limit (VSZ field in ps/VIRT in top) all
IO KB/sec 1024KB/sec IO throughput – combines both read & write operations CL7, CL6 lve1.1.9+ kernel, CL5 hybrid kernel
IOPS [requires lve1.3+] Operations per second 0 Restricts total number of read/write operations per second. CL7, CL6, CL5 hybrid kernels lve1.3+
NPROC number 100 Max number of processes within LVE CL7, CL6, CL5 hybrid kernel, CL5 lve1.x+ kernel
EP number 20 Limit on entry processes. Usually represents max number of concurrent connections to apache dynamic scripts as well as SSH and cron jobs running simultaneously. all

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