Issue symptoms

Some PHP scripts executed with cronjobs are not working properly, are interrupted or just hang.

Known affected website engines: Magento, CakePHP .


The issue is caused by PHP CGI binary is being called instead of PHP CLI version. It happens due to

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The easiest way is to use split approach.

But it will work only if you add a username inside the directory you want to share:

Please note that first you create empty ‘sharedir’ directory, and

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If you would like to make java available from CageFS inside you have to follow this sptes:

1. Create /etc/cagefs/conf.d/java.cfg and add needed binary files to it:


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When using LDAP to store userdata it requires additional configuration to work properly with CageFS. By default CageFS does not see LDAP user, like this:

The problem is that in LDAP pwd.getpwall() function

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