CloudLinux PHP Selector and cPanel Multiple PHP Manager from EA4 explained

With EasyApache 4 cPanel provides an ability for customers to select what PHP version to use for all user websites or per domain. If you use CloudLinux PHP Selector then you will see both selectors in user panel, which can be confusing.

Both of PHP Selectors work with own groups of PHP packages. cPanel ‘MultiPHP Manager’ uses ea-phpXY packages, like:

CloudLinux ‘Select PHP Version’ uses alt-phpXY packages, like:

cPanel’s EasyApache 4 includes PHP versions 5.5, 5.6, and 7.0 by default. But CloudLinux does rebuild ea-php* packages and they are available from our repository, and even more – we release Hardened PHP versions for EA4 like php5.2 .

You may use both Selectors, but it could be quite confusing for your customers, please pay attention to a detailed explanation . It is better to consider which Selector you would like to use and disable another one from WHM > Packages > Feature Manager .

The idea of Hardened PHP is that we will support Alt-PHP packages for as long as someone needs them. There are no EOL even on PHP4.4 from Hardened PHP.

As soon as MultiPHP will have the same feature set as PHP Selector (good module selector for customer, easy PHP.ini editor, etc) we will migrate PHP Selector enabled accounts to MultiPHP, and disable PHP Selector for good. But only when feature parity will be achieved.

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