Running PHP from cronjob

Issue symptoms

Some PHP scripts executed with cronjobs are not working properly, are interrupted or just hang.

Known affected website engines: Magento, CakePHP .


The issue is caused by PHP CGI binary is being called instead of PHP CLI version. It happens due to PATH environment variable does not contain /usr/local/bin/ .


There are several ways to resolve the issue depending on which panel is used or if you edit cronjob via command line.

Call PHP CLI binary manually:

Add /usr/local/bin/ to users crontab as:

Force exporting path variable right before executing PHP script:

Note 1: Engines like CakePHP use app/Console/cake wrapper to define which PHP to call. You may need to modify the file and point to /usr/local/bin/php manually.

Note 2: On DirectAdmin panel to force specified path to be used for user cron jobs you have to create /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/custom/cron_template.txt with the following content:



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