cPanel installation issues related with subscription-manager package

In recent CloudLinux 7 ISO provided ( ) there is a redundant package included which prevents cPanel from being installed, the installation log ends with:


2015-10-07 03:52:18 1020 (ERROR): When you use CloudLinux™, you must
2015-10-07 03:52:18 1021 (ERROR): with the CloudLinux Network before you
install cPanel & WHM.
2015-10-07 03:52:18 1022 (ERROR): Run the following command to register
your server: /usr/sbin/clnreg_ks –force
2015-10-07 03:52:18 1023 (FATAL): The installation process will now

While we are rebuilding ISO images, the solution is to remove subscription-manager package from CloudLinux 7:

and run cPanel installation again.

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