Why alt-php.ini files become overwritten after alt-php updates?

During Alt-PHP packages update, we don’t rewrite *ini files at all. Only two PHP variables are reset to values from native php.ini file, they are “error_log” and “date.timezone”.

To prevent this situation, you should define “error_log” and “date.timezone” values in /etc/cl.selector/global_php.ini file and run the following command to apply changes:

As a result all settings from the files above will be taken for *ini files for all versions inside PHP-Selector.


The current incarnation of PHP-Selector is that it will not overwrite alt-php ini files if values in them are different from defaults as that could break websites functionality. You have to run a command with a key to overwrite them.

Please read more at http://docs.cloudlinux.com/index.html?configuring_global_php_ini_opt.html

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