How do I install VMware-Tools / Improving server performance when on VMWare

If you notice some server slowing down (io/memory) and this server is running on VMware, than we strongly recommend you to install VMware-Tools – a suite of utilities that enhances the performance of VM guest operation system and improves its management:


Check if they are installed and kernel modules are loaded, the vmci is the main one:


# lsmod | grep vm

vmci                   80373  1 vsock


If you see no vmci in the output, then most probably they are not installed.

We do recommend installing them from source code using this article:


Installation process:

Click in vm menu > Guest > Install/Upgrade VMware tools (at least). After that their cdrom will be attached as /dev/cdrom .


Mount it:


Then install kernel headers and VMware-Tools:


Follow the wizard (pressing enter in most cases), make them enabled on startup.


Check if vmci exists in lsmod.


If you see tools installed but no module loaded – run the configuration from command line:



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