“Error while reading lve_version from database” in lveinfo

In some cases lvestats database becomes corrupted. This could be a result of filesystem issue or killing lvestats process when it keeps open database files. In other cases the issue could be caused by the database structure which differs from currently installed lvestats.
The easiest way to solve the issue is to recreate a database from scratch. If you use default lvestats setup, it uses sqlite3 for database, so do the following:

Stop lvestats:

Rename existing database file:

Start lvestast:

If sqlite3 database file doesn’t exist, the startup process will create it with the necessary structure.

If you use MySQL as a database engine for lvestats and use the latest package of lvestats, you have to compare table structure to the following http://docs.cloudlinux.com/storing_statistics_in_mysql.html.

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