CloudLinux initial support for OpenVZ and Virtuozzo

Limited support for OpenVZ and Virtuozzo had been added to CloudLinux. This is an early beta, so be careful testing it. It might cause server crashes – even though at this moment there are no known bugs.

The support is limited, and covers only:

  • CageFS
  • PHP Selector
  • max entry processes

Deployment instructions can be found at:

Other things, like CPU, Memory, IO limits and MySQL governor are not currently supported. In the next few months we will work on making sure UI elements in cPanel and other control panels correctly display only supported components.

After that we will try to tackle CPU limits, followed by Memory and IO limits. Due to the nature of those limits – it is not a simple task and might take us a long period of time to implement.


  1. Hi ,
    I’m new user and i finish with registration on your portal now. I have a problem with installing Cloudlinux on my VPS. I getting error : You are running inside VZ container, without LVE support.
    please help how to install my CL trial license .

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