OptimumCache most common commands

DEPRECATED. Please read https://www.cloudlinux.com/cloudlinux-os-blog/entry/optimumcache-a-feature-of-cloudlinux-os-has-been-discontinued

Exclude folders from caching
Exclude folders from caching prevents extra work of processor on caching needless directories. You can check list of folders that will be be excluded from caching in this version by running:

Tool for Ploop management
Ploop is available for kernels lve1.2.55 and higher, that is an image file, basically a reserved place to store cached files. Ploop size is initialized once upon creation. Thus, the cache will never grow up over its limits.

Ploop has been present in OptimumCache since version 0.1-20. If you have installed version prior 0.1-19 and then upgraded to higher version, ploop is not is use by default. The command to turn it on:

Moving ploop image to another location:



Disabling ploop, and using partition instead:

or to revert back:


Ploop is mounted automatically at service start. No need to create mount point in /etc/fstab.


Checking status is done by partition where optimumcache was enabled, for example:




    1. There is no way to list marked directories, but in all cases all directories inside ‘parent marked’ one should be there. The usual check I perform – take two-three directories from /home/user1/public_html and /home/userZ/public_html and check if needed attribute is there:

      getfattr -d -m pfcache /home/cltest3/public_html/

      You may find more here: http://kb.cloudlinux.com/2014/11/optimumcache-from-inside/

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