How to install CWP (CentOs Web Panel) and configure it for PHP-Selector

CentOS Web Panel and it’s features are described on official website:

The installation is straight forward:

During the install it builds Apache and PHP from source.

To make PHP-Selector work we need to build patched suphp:
– download/unpack suphp (0.7.1 as example):

– download/unpack our patches:

– apply our patch:

– if apache 2.4 used – modify configure file to adopt suphp sources for it, open a file:

find section

and modify second line to be looked like this:

– build suphp:

When done check if suphp binary has necessary code, the output should be following :

CageFS jail error

And change (create) /etc/cl.selector/native.conf to looks this way:


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